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Podopolo PodRock Contest

May 15th to September 30, 2022

From May 15th until September 30, 2022 - the time you spend listening on Podopolo, and the times
you share Podopolo are both recorded in your account, and add up towards rewards.

Not only are you earning epic prizes by listening and sharing Podopolo - you are making a
measurable difference in the world.

Rack Up Listening Time And Social
Media Shares To Redeem For
Incredible Rewards!

Not only are you helping other people, you can earn yourself something you’ll love!
The first listeners to reach certain milestones can claim any of these epic prizes while they last.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re giving away:

Earn rewards like an iPhone 13 Pro ($1099), iPad Mini ($542) DJI Mavic, Air 2 Drone ($860), DJI Pocket Cam ($350), Sonos Roam Speaker ($193), or Apple Air Tag ($35)

Once you listen enough hours and share enough times to earn one of these prizes, you can claim your prize and start over - or keep going for a bigger prize.

And - you can be entered into our Sweepstakes to win a GRAND PRIZE!

The grand prize

You’ll be automatically entered into our September 30 Sweepstakes to win a Napa Valley VIP Weekend Plus Tickets to an upcoming music festival

Experience 3 days in Napa, CA wine country to enjoy great music, wine and ‘backstage bonhomie’ with top podcasters, influencers, chefs and musicians at Feast It Forward - plus a VIP ticket to a music festival (watch this space - details coming soon!)


Runners up will win a Skydio Smart Drone ($1,184) to get amazing aerial shots of all your adventures or a Sony ZV-1 Vlog Cam ($740) to make professional videos for your Youtube channel, TikTok and more.

Skydio Smart Drone ($1,184)

Sony ZV-1 Vlog Cam ($740)

All it takes to enter is to download the app, create an account, and
start listening to your favorite podcasts.  It’s that simple!

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Watch your email for all the details of automatic and sweepstakes grand prizes


As you reach certain milestones in listening and sharing Podopolo, we donate to charities on your behalf!  
Just by using the free app to listen to your favorite podcasts

You’ll be directly helping to…

HELP Feed Starving
Children in Ukraine

When you listen to podcasts on Podopolo, we sponsor food and clean drinking water donations for children in Ukraine on your behalf!

Medical TREATMENT to
Ukrainian War Victims

When you share and tag Podopolo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we supply medical treatment for war victims in your name!

Provide Solar Lighting
for Impoverished

When you share podcasts within Podopolo, we provide solar lighting for Indian homes for up to one year

Not only are you earning epic prizes by listening and sharing Podopolo
- you are making a measurable difference in the world just by using the Podopolo App!

How to earn more entries


When you listen on Podopolo, we automatically track the amount of time that you listen. With over 5 million podcasts, and recommendations for your interests, there’s plenty to discover.


Share podcasts with friends on Podopolo through DM. We count these shares automatically.


Share directly from the app to all social media platforms with just a few taps. Make sure you tag @podopolo on Instagram and @podopolonetwork on Facebook and Twitter to make your social posts count.

As you reach certain milestones in listening and sharing Podopolo, we donate to charities on your behalf!

Just by using the free app to listen to your favorite podcasts, you will help other global causes including removing CO2 from the atmosphere, planting trees, and so much more!

 Rest assured, you can feel great about participating because you know you’re making a real difference in someone’s life and helping the world!

Here’s Why Listeners Are Switching To Podopolo

People can’t stop talking about how much fun podcasts are now that Podopolo has arrived!

Podopolo lets you share, discuss, and clip podcasts for your friends, bringing your favorite shows to life.  

Switching from your old fashioned podcast app is easy with automatic importing for most apps!

You’ll enjoy next level features like…

And that's just the beginning!

With 5 Million podcasts in every language and every genre, you’ll love finding new (and perfect for you) podcasts delivered to you automatically.

You’ll learn why industry leaders are calling Podopolo “the future of podcasting” because of all the time you save!

Now’s your chance to enjoy the breakthrough features of Podopolo, give back to the world, and get the chance to win big prizes in the 2022 PodRock Contest. What’s not to love?

SOME OF OUR 5 million+ podcasts

what users are saying
about podopolo

"The social features that are available
make the podcast listening
experience that much better than
Spotify. The ability to share and
follow with my friends is a great

Carroll Betsey

"Podopolo is definitely my favorite
podcast app now! It’s really easy
to use, and I’m having so much
fun discovering new podcasts
similar to those I used to hear. I’m
looking forward to what they can
bring next!"

Emma Harper

"The team over at Podopolo has
created the best Podcast listening
experience that I have ever seen.
They are adding new features so
fast - every time I open the app,
there is a new feature to explore
and use."

Barr Ralls

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Podopolo cost anything to use?

No, using Podopolo is 100% Free!

How do I enter the PodRock Contest?

First, register for the contest and then download Podopolo to start earning prizes.

How long does the PodRock Contest last?

The contest ends September 30, 2022 and the prize drawing is September 30, so enter for free before it’s too late!

Can I trade progress for cash?

Points have no cash value and can only be redeemed for prizes.

Is Podopolo available on iOS and Android?

Yes, download Podopolo in the Apple App store and Google Play.


This Contest Is Only For A Limited Time

This contest ends on September 30, so register now, download the app, set up your profile and get started.

It only takes two minutes, and you’ll start making a difference and earning rewards the moment you press play.

Make A Difference, Earn Rewards, And Be Part Of A Movement You Can Be Proud Of

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stuff our lawyers want you to read

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, excluding Florida, New York, and Rhode Island, who are of the age of majority in their state of residence.  Entry period begins on May 15, 2022 and ends on September 30, 2022 with Sweepstakes on September 30.  Odds of winning depend on the number of entries.

Subject to official rules, available at The Podopolo Rewards program for automatic prizes is open to anyone anywhere in the world, except those countries on the United States’ list of embargoed countries (which you can find here), all subject to official rules, available at